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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What? Who? Thanks!

More questions than answers today.  Another cool and drizzly morning this morning and my camera display went gray so I wasn't sure what I was getting.  Thankfully, many pictures turned out okay.  Caught this egret enjoying a breakfast.

I also found this rather striking insect.  Although I have looked through countless insect/butterfly/moth pictures on the internet, as yet, I have been unable to identify it.  If you have some clues on where to look / what it might be / how to go about identifying ... please help!  The wings folded down to a double layer like a skipper, but his head and body are not large like a skipper would normally be.

There was an elderly gentleman there this morning.  He was re-attaching one of the birdhouses that had fallen in the recent rains.  He has placed about a half dozen bird houses in that park and keeps them up.  Special thanks to this man ... who ever he is.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin


  1. Put in an id request at I'll let you know what I hear.

    ~ Robin


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