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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Adventurous Mess

The weather is no longer windy, and the temperatures lifted a little to 3F / -16C.  The bright sun strengthened me to head to the park today anyway.  Nearing the second bridge, it was evident from new dirty snow piles that more earth moving had been happening.  Curious, I ventured onto the freshly cleared area.  In the distance I sited it.  The machine that has been disrupting this area was working near the street on the far side of the marsh.

I knew to be cautious as I went deeper to investigate.  Debris dug up included man-made and organic.

The lovely pools I captured on film earlier are now gone.  For all my caution, the ground unexpectedly gave way and I found myself with one leg sunk past my knee in wet mud.  Not what I expected on such a cold day.  I immediately headed back.  The double-bagged camera got muddy and the mud froze stiff on my pant leg by the time I got someplace I could shed the cold wet clothes.  I'm fine.  A little perplexed, but fine.  No frostbite.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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