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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conker Blooms, Shrooms, and Purple Cranes

I never know what I'll find and capture on my park walks.  Today was a hodge-podge.   I had a hard time titling todays post.  But, it should make sense once you read it.  First the 'Conker Blooms' ...
This is actually the blossom on a Horse-chestnut tree - Aesculus.  This tree is sometimes called a 'Conker tree' by the British.  That is because the seeds of this tree were often used in a game called 'conkers.'

Next is the shroom, which happens to be a Minnesota state symbol:

Morel mushrooms.  My uncle used to visit my childhood home in south-eastern Minnesota to hunt these in the spring.  They loved to eat them.  There are false ones - which are poisonous.  Check out the link for details.

And lastly ... The word "geranium" is derived from the Greek source "geranion" or "geranos," meaning crane.  And this is a ...

Wild Geranium.  A 'purple crane' so to speak.  Okay did that remind anyone else of the dad in  'My Big Fat Greek Wedding?'  ;-)

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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