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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cattails and Ladybirds

The edge of the lake has had tall blades of green growing since spring.  Today was the first day I noticed 'flowers' on them!
These are Cattails and the thick padding are their flowers.  Most 'flowers' are brown.   I've been told in the Netherlands they call them 'cigar plants' - I can see why.  The flowers look like cigars!
The muskrats find their roots tasty.  Come spring, I've seen birds chase flying leftover fluff from the dried up flowers and use it to make their nests cozy.

Although this week was the first week of summer, Minnesota weather has been wet and chilly.  I found this little insect taking shelter in the fold of this blade.

So is this a Ladybug or a Ladybird?  The British would say Ladybird, most North Americans would say Ladybug, but the official common name is Lady Beetle.  There are over 450 species of them in North America.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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  1. Wonderful post, Robin! I love the little tidbits that go along with your terrific photos. The image of the ladybug taking shelter in the leaf fold is exquisite!


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