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Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Poppers

Outside is HOT.  Heat advisories issued again today.  The walk would be short and only cover part of the distance - yet in that short distance, there were a number of new flowers that popped up.
This bright orange beauty looks like fire!  This is a butterfly-weed and member of the milkweed family.  The buds have been swelling and turning red/orange over the last week, but today there was a good 'popping'.
Close by an unexpected purple beauty seemed to pop out of nowhere - a Purple Prairie Clover.
This last one I really am not sure what it is, except that it appears to be in the same family as Hollyhocks or Hibiscus.  The leaves are unique with many 'fingers'.  The flower looks similar to the Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow, but the leaves don't match.  It may be some kind of 'garden escapee.'  Any flower experts out there - feel free to drop me a comment, I'll give this one a name.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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