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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday New-in-the-sky Supplimental

Duk Duk days are around the corner and a number of preparations have been underway.  Some of the downed trees and branches have been removed and the sign at the park has been updated.  Maybe coincidental, but new lights have also been installed on the towers visible from the park.

I first noticed the work van on the marsh road on Friday.  A small work crew including Jake Ford, Tad Dominiak, and Dessmond Spence, were kind enough to give a brief explanation.  New replacement lights were to be installed.

Although they have safety equipement, it is mostly used to latch onto the towers when they have stopped climbing.  The climb is done without safety ropes.

I was happy to hear that the climbing part of the replacement operation was done without incident and without too much difficulty.

When you see the familiar lights on the towers, remember it was people who help to provide that safety feature.  Just in time for the fireworks!

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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