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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Frosted

I've been anticipating a day like this for a while now.  Conditions right now are clear, no wind, and cold.   Crystal frost sparkles with the suns rays.  It doesn't last long, but it is enchanting while it lasts.

Everything is frosted - fresh or dried.  The soccer field looks white during that time.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin


  1. Wow~Very cool~cold photos! Hasn't frosted here yet.

  2. Beautiful shots robin! So you got your first frost there? Ours should be coming pretty soon. What macro lens do you use for your shots?

  3. You already have frost? Such beautiful photo! My asters are almost gone after three days of rain.

  4. Yes, we already have frost, this is the second time. It has been really up and down. This week-end is supposed to warm up again!

  5. Rachel, honestly - I bought a used one for under a $100: Quantaray Tech-10 MX AF 70-300mm 1:4 5.6 LDO MACRO. It was compatible with my Sony A390 as both a macro and telephoto. Not the best, but it works. I almost always use a tripod. :)

  6. Excellent photos! Certainly served as a reminder that I should be waking up earlier to check out the frost here in Ottawa!


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