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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At the Park ... in the Dark

Tonight I tried some photography in the dark ... at the park.  I couldn't help but remember Dr. Suess...
"Look at what we found in the park, in the dark. We will take him home. We will call him Clark. He will live at our house. He will grow and grow. Will our mother like this? We don't know." 
I couldn't see such a creature, but I certainly heard one.  A muskrat was loudly crunching a supper of cattails nearby.


~ Robin


  1. Love the bench! And cool to have a muskrat nearby.

  2. I don't remember that Dr. Suess, though I did read a few of those books as a youngster. I like your crunchy leaves as a background to your blog.

  3. It was included in 'One Fish Two Fish'. The muskrat would have been a blur to catch -- too active! ;)


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