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Friday, January 13, 2012

In the Beginning ...

In the beginning there was no park, just farm fields and a 'pond.'  When developers started building on the land, many young couples with children moved in.  I met one of these first residents, Margie Deutsch, on Monday evening.  She and her husband Manfred, moved into their home on the lake in 1964.  Her face was bright as she reminisced of those early years.  When she moved in, the park was not much more than an idea.  It wasn't long before that idea grew to reality.  The 1965 newspaper clip above shows the growing anticipation for the opening.  The park took shape initially under Harvey Feldman, New Hope's first park director.  He still lives on the lake.

Over the years, many residents of New Hope have grown to love the park.  Councilman John Elder has called Northwood Park “The jewel of New Hope.”   Friends of Northwood Lake is a non-profit organization that cares about preserving the quality and beauty of the lake and park.  Bob White is currently the president.

At present, the water quality could be much better.  One idea discussed at a recent association meeting was “Adopt a storm drain.”  The thought is for local residents who care to take a little effort and help keep a storm drain near them clear of debris.  The water quality can be improved if people remember: “Only rain down the drain.”

I'm thankful for the people who have cared and still care.


~ Robin

Newspaper article photo provided by Margie Deutsch.

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