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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beetle Beetle BEETLE!

The Japanese Beetles are out in force now.  The hot weather brings them.  But what is this?  A Giant Ladybug?  Nope, this is a Grapevine Beetle.  (Sometimes called a spotted June beetle.)  Though much bigger, they are far less destructive.


~ Robin

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  1. Great beetle photos! When I collected insects in
    my teens and twenties (40+years ago) we didn't
    have a common name (Grapevine) for this beetle.
    We called it Pelidnota punctata or Spotted
    Pelidnota, and I didn't see very many of them.
    I enjoyed seeing it in your post with the
    Popillia japonica. Oh, I hate to be the one to
    say it, but the bird with food in its mouth in
    your July 21st post is a Song Sparrow. Great
    photo though!
    Hap in New Hope


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