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Friday, September 3, 2010


Temperatures barely reached 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the morning was windy and rainy.  For such a blustery day, I was not at all sure that there would be something new to share.  But there was... something new congregating.

I am not sure what these brightly colored bugs are.  Box elder bugs?  If someone knows the specifics - please fill them in with a comment.  The contribution would be appreciated!

I also saw no less than nine white egrets loosely gathered along the creek east of the east bridge and a pair of equally large darker egrets.  Unfortunately, my camera battery was too low to capture those for you.  Perhaps I need to invest in some new camera batteries?  These were supposed to have been freshly charged.  Sorry!

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

These are not box elder bugs - they are milkweed bugs.  Milkweed bugs look similar to Box Elder bugs but have more orange.  They tend to congregate mostly on milkweeds.


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    This one makes me wonder if perhaps there is a hidden rookerie back there.


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