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Thursday, September 2, 2010


For a year now I have been taking daily walks to Northwood Park in New Hope, MN.  I've had opportunity to observe the plethora of life and watch changes over time.  It seems that there is always something new to see whenever I go.  I've enjoyed informally sharing these changes in face book, but thought that this might make a nicer medium for sharing going forward.  Especially given the ability to share pictures here.  The park has several areas, including a play area for children, a lake, basketball court, ball parks, soccer field, and natural walk that follows a creek.  This park is divided by Boone Avenue, with the lake, basketball court, and play areas on the west side, and the creek, and sports fields on the east.

Here is one of my latest pictures:

This normally would be a small waterfall, but because of the recent rain, the flow of water is barely visible.  It is visible at the bridge.  This picture was taken on the west side near the Boone Avenue crosswalk.  The lake drains into the creek from this point.

This is the 'people' part of the park.

This is from the lake - visible from the 'people' part. 

The other side has a long creek filled with life:

I've witnessed many birds, turtles, fish and even some water mammals near this bridge.  As I take pictures of the various wildlife and post, I would love to have help with specific identification and your thoughts and knowledge added.

Hope you enjoyed that brief introduction!

~ Robin

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