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Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Spawn??

Today my daughter joined me again.  We saw a rather unique school of fish slowly making their way upstream.  

Take notice of the water in the lower left side of this picture.  This should give an idea of the size of the fish.  They looked to be approx 6 +  inches.  Here is a closer look:

Although the exact purpose of this migration remains a mystery at this moment, through conversations with others, this appears to be an annual event.     

Not long after noticing the fish, my daughter was amazed at the site of a very large turtle close behind them.  He submerged before I could get a picture.  We reviewed DNR sites and images on the internet to help us identify it.  It looked like a snapping turtle, but, lighter in coloring than described.  Its size may rival with the largest.  She compared it to the size of a car tire.  Rather smart turtle to be following this abundant food supply.  (No wonder it was so large!)     
Hope you enjoyed!  
~ Robin

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