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Monday, September 6, 2010

Toddler play area open again

I was so happy to see the toddler play area of the park open again.  Earlier in the summer there was an incident where someone had started a brush fire at the base, under the structure.  Most likely it was a teen or preteen who started this fire.  My son was contacted by the police for information - he recalled the smell of brush burning at the time of the incident.

This play area had been surrounded with orange barrier fence to prevent kids from playing on the unsafe structure.  It very recently has been re-opened for the public.  After it happened, it was sad to see the young families with their little ones no longer at the park playing in this area.

Here is a blow up from one of the first pictures posted that highlights the play area surrounded by orange:

Hoping to see the young ones back soon,

~ Robin

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