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Monday, September 6, 2010

Signs of fall creeping in

Bird house on the park seems to have a new resident.
Sometimes what is most 'new' is not what is there, but what is NOT there.  It has been a couple of weeks now since I've last seen the turtles.  There has hardly been a walk through the summer where I did not spot at least one.  The population has been in many sizes from silver dollar to pie size.  I found this site on the web related to turtles:

It would seem that my walks have not been at prime basking times and due to the high water level and cloudy days, the usual places are not good anymore.

Today was no exception - another rainy today.  The rain has not deterred the bumble bees, they were out in full force.  Diligently preparing for winter, no doubt.  I also spotted a couple squirrels scampering about with nut filled mouths.  Much of the foliage is showing wear and tear, obviously having been nibbled by insects.  Some are starting to show the beginnings of fall colors.


~ Robin

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