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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dark and Drizzly

Temperatures were warm again today, but no sun today.  A man was at the park today driving along the blacktop trails on a bobcat vehicle.  He was gathering the fallen branches and hauling them with the bobcat.  Dark days are always a challenge to get decent pictures.  Here is one though that I think shows the weather:
Notice the colorful lichen on the tree?  Rain brings out their colors more.  Lichen does not harm trees.  It is a sign of clean air.

I also found something white growing on a dead branch in the thicket area.  I don't think it is lichen, it looks more like a type of fungi, but I could not tell you which one.  Perhaps you know?  Please comment if you do!

They are small .. no bigger than a fingernail.  And they seem to have a delicate petal-like appearance about them.

It looks like some kind of conk, only very very small.  It survives cold.  Help in identification would be much appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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