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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Unusually warm today (44F/7C approx.)  The sun was shining and the sky was decked with unusual clouds.  There were many park walkers out today.  The usual greeting was 'Warm day today ... nice.'  Something along those lines.  For those who did not live through the colder temperatures in the last several days, it might seem a strange greeting.

Much of the snow is disappearing or thinning.  Puddle reflections greeted me on the paths today.  It was nice to see reflections again.  Snow doesn't reflect too well.  ;-)

Many bird were out.  I saw ducks and geese flying in formation and heard smaller birds chirping and pecking at trees in the woods.  I saw this strange and rather striking plant as well.

How do you write about such a thing?  Hairy leaves?  Words seem to fail.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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