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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding things

Isn't it funny that once you get something you are looking for in your head ... you don't stop looking even after you got it?  Yesterday I showed a fallen tree covered with conk from the far path of the park leading through the marsh area.  Today, I found one on the other side of the park a bit more interesting.  I have walked by this tree hundreds of times and never noticed it before.   The underside texture of these is almost coral like in appearance.

Yesterday, I was looking high and low for scarlet and gold colored things.  I wanted to have a blog post to give attention to the USMC birthday ... only my days were mixed up.  TODAY is that birthday.  And today, I found very little ... but I did capture something interesting.  I believe it better pictures what President Obama is quoted as saying ... 'Freedom is not free, but the United States Marine Corps will pay most of your share.'  Notice the water in front of the line of cattail and the water behind it.  The cattail provides protection and rest - not unlike our notable Marines.  Happy Birthday USMC.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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