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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forging into the Park

Today I determined to get into the park ... even if that meant forging new paths through knee-deep snow.  I was glad when I found the sidewalk on one side cleared and the parking on both sides cleared.  No paths through the park were cleared as of yet, nor signs of hearty souls making new ones.  At least not yet on the lake side of the park.  

The water is flowing as expected at the lake outlet.  Not much open water left.

The creek inlet showed no open water, but it did have animal tracks.

The nature path was all but faint depressions of previous paths when I first started into the area.

Once I got closer to the first bridge, there were people tracks.   I found these mouse tracks among the milkweed first.

Most of the snow was like a blank sheet of paper, smooth and white.  Some trees had potted snow under them.  Apparently caused by branches shedding clumps of snow.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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