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Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Dunes

With weather still sub-zero, it was difficult to go too far into the park today.  No paths have been cleared nor did I see the footprints of any adventurous walkers.  There was no evidence of cross-country skiers.  One of the two parking lots had a path plowed, but only a path wide enough for two vehicles.  I drove there and  parked leaving enough room for someone to pass around me.   It was cold, but I managed a few shots.

The snow is firm and breaks in chunks when stepped on or shoveled.  No doubt caused by compacting from the strong winds.  These winds also give the ground a texture and appearance of sand dunes with a little sparkle.

The snow drifting is of varying snow depth.  A few places are near bare and others more than a few feet deep.  Under this kind of snow is protection from the winds and warmer temperatures.  I have no doubt there is an under-snow community of small mammals enjoying this protection.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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