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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delicate Petals in April

Another overcast day.  There was no snow today but forecast still threatens accumulation by tomorrow.  When on my walk today I ventured down a forest path and found something delicate on the floor.

 They are small ... smaller than the fallen leaves that surround them.
I wish I could tell you what they are ... 

But after a couple hours of searching online flower guides, I'm still stumped!  I'll continue to research, but in the mean time, these are yet to be identified.  If you have any idea or even a stab, please comment!

This is actually Thalictrum thalictroides - as identified by Minnesota Wildflowers on Facebook

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

P.S -- I found out that the 'pine tree' regenerating pine needles is actually a Tamarack Tree, and to shed and regrow needles annually is part of the normal cycle for this kind of tree.  It is quite an interesting tree.  Perhaps I'll expound a little more when the needles have grown a little more.  ;-)

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