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Monday, April 18, 2011

Look Ma, No Wings!

One of the enjoyable aspects of taking the time to observe the wildlife are the antics sometimes observed.  There are times it seems that an animal or bird stops and poses for a picture.  Today, a black-capped chickadee was up to playful stunts.

Like a child about to ride a bicycle, bragging "Look ma!  No handlebars!   This one was saying "Look Ma ... No Wings!"

 Not to worry, he would flit at the last second and land again on the tree trunk.

Silly little trickster!  Can you see his little grin?

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin


  1. Wonderful series! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. I just love the chickadees! They are so very curious, playful and tame. Great happy post!

  2. Ha, my hubby is wrong! They are chickadees! I knew it :)


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