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Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Frog, White Wild Indigo, and Orange Monarch

Spotted a green frog on the way to the park today.  It was on one of the large-leaf plants near the ponds on Boone Avenue.  It was resting on an upper leaf nearly at eye level.
It is a Rana Clamitans.  Looks a little young yet.  A reader has corrected me on this one .. it is more likely a Cope's gray tree frog.   If you see something that needs to be corrected PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me with the correction!  Thanks Tami! 

At the park along the creek, a new white flower is starting to bloom.
A White Wild Indigo.  The blooms turn to black pods when it goes to seed.

A couple of monarchs have been teasing me in the last week or so.  I can see them, but they would not land for a photo, until today!
Monarchs are right at home on a milkweed!  The caterpillars only feed on milkweeds.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin


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