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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ir"RED"descent WHITE and BLUE - Happy 4th!

Today was a late night walk at the park.  With July 4th just a couple hours away for me, I thought it might be fitting to have a red, white, and blue post.  This first guy is not actually red, I had to play with the word  irridescent to get the red.  And if you play with the angle of light, he does have a red about him.  He is the RED.
This is a Dogbane beetle.  As expected, he is poised on a Dogbane plant - where he gets his name.
This crab spider is dressed white for the occasion, this is probably a flower crab spider, as she is in ready to pounce position on a flower.  She does not make a nest, but relies on stealth and cunning to catch her prey.  She is the WHITE.

This lovely seemed to pop up overnight near the lake.  This is a Blue Vervain.  There is the BLUE!

Happy (Red, White, and Blue) 4th of July!

~ Robin

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