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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparrow, Swallowtail, and Compass

Found this fellow on a tree near the lake on the South side 
He is a sparrow of some sort.  Likely an immature Savannah Sparrow, though he looks a lot like a Baird's Sparrow.

One of these was near the creek a couple days ago, but today one was near enough to capture on film.
A Black Swallowtail.
Lastly a very TALL wildflower (taller than me!) with very large strange shaped leaves.  This is plant is called a Compass plant because they tend to align their foliage North/South.  A plant may live for 100 years.  Here is website with interesting reported uses.  I found this one opening near the lake on the south side.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

Hope you

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  1. Robin, a most lovely summer post! Beautiful swallowtail images! Pretty sparrow. Splendid photograph of the yellow Compass Plant against the deep blue sky.


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