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Saturday, October 15, 2011


A chill and windy morning.   This is mid-October.  A time when birds gather and start migrating.  A time when the leaves have mostly fallen.  Not the time one would expect to find a young monarch struggling to emerge from a cocoon.  It seems late in the season for a find like this.  Never know what can be found at the park.


~ Robin


  1. Stunning shot! You've got yourself a "fourth generation" Monarch ..

  2. I don't believe this one made it. The wind was too great. I think it was injured and stuck. I tried to put it out of the wind and someplace warm, but the poor thing was injured and did not progress any further. Sad :(

  3. shows possible cause. I still think it was the wind that gust at just the wrong time to cause injury though. If you look close, it looks like a sliver the shell has pierced the wing.

  4. this is an incredible thing to see in the wild!! you are lucky indeed!


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