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Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking the Ice and Beaver?

A warm grey day today.  I caught this gaggle playing an ice breaking game.  The ice is very thin right now and many areas, including the creek are open water. These geese had a hard time trying to get on top of it.  A couple eventually did.

I spied this fellow far off the shore.  I believe he is too large to be a muskrat.  I've heard a few eye-witnesses tell of a beaver moving in at the park.  A couple  that lives on the lake e-mailed me their story about the beaver too.  Could this be the he?  Maybe!


~ Robin


  1. Wow! Ice already...burrr.. Its fairly warm here in NC. Stay warm!

  2. Nice Robin! Looks like your weather is just a tad cooler than ours, but it looks like we're going into the deep freeze this coming week!


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