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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Along the forest path something small and furry froze long enough for a photo.  Eastern Cottontail is a common small mammal found in Minnesota.  I've seen them several times at the park, but usually just their cotton tail very briefly as they are hopping away.  This mammal is very prolific.  They can bred again in just hours after giving birth and can have a new batch of four to six babies every three weeks.  They have many predators, including man.  I once saw a fox with one in its mouth trotting into the forest.   The Cottontail populations may dwindle significantly over the winter, but because of how prolific they are, it doesn't take long in the spring to get their numbers back up again.


~ Robin

P.S. This photo was altered slightly with Photoshop in order to highlight the rabbit.  It blends in very well and is difficult to see otherwise.

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