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Friday, May 4, 2012

Monarch, Which Generation?

Monarch butterflies migrate in the winter.  They show up here when the milkweed starts to grow.  During the summer, the Monarch life cycle is short - only up to 8 weeks.  The late fall generation, however, is different.  They live up to 7 months.  They are physiologically different than their predecessors in order to last the migration south to Mexico.  This one is the first I've seen at the park.  It probably is freshly returned.  Most likely, it is her children that will be the 'First Generation'.

Looks to be a stormy week-end.  I'll post more of today's pictures then.  Hope you had a chance to get out today and enjoy!

~ Robin

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  1. A very lovely shot Robin!! Spring is really here! :)


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