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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shy ones

The sun peeked out today and I found a new basking site for some smaller turtles.  Yeah!  Found the turtles!  Unfortunately, they were quite shy and as soon as I tried to position my camera to capture them, they slipped back in the water.

A smaller dark bird startled in the rushes near the turtles basking ... perhaps a Bittern?

I noticed a couple egrets that like to haunt the stream accesses (water entry and exit points for the water that flows under Boone.)  They are quite shy also and if you get anywhere near, they fly away.  I happened to catch one in this picture.  Can you spot him?  He is very wary and watchful.  Less than a second later he was gone.

I hope to capture the shy ones on film at some point.

Here is a site with more information about Egrets in Minnesota:

Hope you enjoyed!


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