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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angels Working Overtime

The paths have not yet been cleared at the park.  It was easier to walk in the existing tracks.  Today, I walked on the path that crosses near the soccer field.  I thought perhaps I might post pictures today related to what signs are posted at the park.  I took this picture when I came to the bridge:

This sign did not include the "Thin Ice" warning underneath.  Thin Ice warnings are riddled through the park.  This was open water not that many days ago.  When I got to the bridge I found these tracks that told the story:

The tracks are small, those of a small child.  Their weight could not have been much, but still - there have been too many cases of children even as young as two who have died from breaking through ice.   The DNR has said that it is too early to trust the ice yet this year.  Here is their link for ice safty.  These tracks did not fall through.  Guardian angels must have been working overtime protecting the little one(s).

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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