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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explorers and Discoveries

Some little girls greeted me at the park today - they were exploring.  The abundance of blue damselflies was an exciting find!  I was exploring too and made some discoveries of my own.
There are a number of  Slender Beardtongue opening.  I found them a few places.

Some are hiding in the sumac along the creek shore.  Such a hairy flower!
And I've noticed a few places where small bunches of Black Medic are growing.  This one was on the creek peninsula  They were just a couple inches tall.
Silver Cinquefoil was also found on the peninsula.
I'm learning so many wildflower names!  If you know I've got one wrong - let me know and I'll correct it!  Flowers were not the only new things found.  Today I found a large number of these greedy little fellows -
Trirhabda larva.  Kind of a funky name. He will grow up into a beetle.

And I found my first Monarch Caterpillar of the year today.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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