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Friday, June 10, 2011

Orange, Golds and Pineapples

It was time to visit the marsh, and she proved abundant.  Especially with dragonflies and damselflies.
This orange damselfly is probably an immature female Eastern Forktail.  Lots of orange and yellows today.
Like this a four-spotted skimmer, and more this one, more gold than orange:
A twelve spotted skimmer.  I found a Minnesota Dragonfly website. They said, "experienced Odonatists can identify only about 50% of the species they see without capturing them."  I'm neither experienced nor do I capture these beauties, so with my identifications - assume 'probably'.

Okay ... so now, where are the pineapples?  Have you seen the funny little greenish-yellow nubs of flowers growing in the middle of the marsh road?
These are pineapple weed.  ;-)

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin

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