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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Things have been busy lately for me.  Trying to start a business, working with a new client, my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, have all taken my time and attention.  Much of the heat of the activity is over and now I'm in 'after'.  Just as much of the summer things at the park are showing themselves to be 'after'.
Like this gray-headed coneflower with fading petals.  A grasshopper is enjoying the late rays of the day on her used-up center.
This Winged Loosetrife enjoys some of the last licks of sunlight. 
And remember the 'Egret Tree'?  Instead of the early morning, I found one near day's end.
But lest one think that all is fading, a vibrant Viceroy is enjoying a small patch of newly blossomed Common Boneset.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Robin
p.s. Thanks Hap for the identification correction!

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  1. Hi Robin, just found your blog recently,
    and have been enjoying it. Especially the
    local nature aspect of it. In this recent
    blog you picture a butterfly that really
    looks like a Viceroy to me. I say that
    because it has a black stripe on the hind
    wing, whereas a Monarch doesn't have that
    stripe. I enjoy reading your blog, keep up
    the good work, and good luck with the new
    Hap in New Hope (MN)


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