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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blazing Stars and Banded Wings

The Prairie Blazing Stars are starting to open.  Some say this native wildflower resembles a fairy wand.   
I think this Eastern Band-winged Meadowhawk just finds it a nice place to perch.


~ Robin

Photos taken July 14, 2012


  1. Hello Robin, just got caught up reading your
    blogs from the past couple of weeks. Have
    really enjoyed the insect photography and I
    believe I can help you with a couple of butter-
    flies. The blog of July 14th has what I might
    call a female E. Tiger Swallowtail. That is
    because of the extensive amount of blue on the
    hind wing-more than I've ever seen on a male.
    On the blog for June 26th, you have a small
    skipper. I'm quite certain this is a rather
    common Least Skipper (Ancyloxypha numitor).
    You probably found it in the vicinity of a
    nearby wetland (?). The Arogos Skipper is
    actually quite rare in MN, being restricted
    to mainly native prairie habitat. If you
    need a field guide to butterflies, I highly
    recommend "Butterflies of North America", a
    Kaufman Focus Guide by Jim Brock and Kenn
    Kaufman. Hope I have been of some help, now
    keep up the great work and I will be enjoying!

    Hap in New Hope (MN) too.

    1. Thanks Hap! I thought that skipper was a bit too rare to be right. There are a number of native prairie wildflowers growing down there (no doubt seeded), so I let myself hope. ;)


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